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TRSC started as a game. It is the place where Ioana Trușcă draws and plays with images in various forms and materials. Some are digital, some on paper. Some stand still, some move and some turn into objects.


After finishing her studies in architecture, she had a workshop as a playground at her disposal - literally. In this place, she discovered a universe of things related to architecture, but not quite. Some of them suited her, some she did with joy and ease, other things she did not like at all.


Over time, she sifted through all these experiences, on top of which she added other personal explorations, and she has arrived, for now, here.


Friends: The Embassy of Germany, Zeppelin Magazine, Unicat.Co, Insula42, One Night Gallery, Black Horse Mansion, Ideilagram, Modul Cărturești, Vellant, Scena9, Scientifica, Bucharest Dance Film Festival, Herculane Project. 



Bucharest, Ro // German Embassy of Bucharest

Book launch, Illustration, Installation 

DE CE NE PASĂ // Con Continuu (Continuous Cone) // July 2022

Bucharest, Ro // Black Horse Mansion

Animation, Installation

CAN’T TOUCH THIS // Hand animation loop // September 2021

Graphic Days Torino, It //


THE UNSEEN // Do not feed the Anxiety Monster // September 2019

Cluj -Trieste, Ro-It // Scientifica Association

Ceramic Object Design, Animation

ONE NIGHT GALLERY // Love Ioana Trușcă // October 2018

Bucharest, Ro // Personal exhibition

Illustration, Comic Book, Animation, Installation

BETA 2018 // ON HOUSING // Nine scenarios on living // September 2018

Timișoara Architecture Biennial, Ro // Ideilagram - part of the 'On Housing' Exhibition

Nine comic strips, on the theme of living in a small, one bedroom apartment. Based on the study of Ideilagram regarding the typology of apartments built in Romania during the communist era.


EMA & OMA // 2022

Bucharest, Ro // German Embassy of Bucharest

@ Arcub 2022 - EMA & OMA.The old and new Bauhaus

@ BETA City 2020 - Timișoara Architecture Biennial

SOFICA  // 2017

Bucharest, Ro // PUCK Exhibition, Zeppelin Publishing

@ Romanian Design Week 2018 

TURB@  // 2016

Bucharest, Ro //  Vellant Publishing

@ Romanian Design Week 2017

Special Prize @ ‘Most Beautiful Books in Romania’ 2016

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