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Do not feed the anxiety monster

Animation, ceramics <2019>

The project resulted after a three week Art and Science Residency in Trieste, Italy, organised by Scientifica in collaboration with Fondazione Internationale Trieste, under the name of 'The Unseen'.

In the two weeks of Trieste, The Unseen revealed itself as traces of the human condition, in some of the most technical environments. Post-it jokes in a genetic engineering lab, a scientist impersonating an eagle’s flight, a half-eaten sandwich in the control room of a particle accelerator and a fair amount of worry around the subject of chewing gum. In essence, we all live through the same palette of basic emotions, no matter who we are and what we do.

Courtesy of ©Scientifica

This project aims to show how we’re all connected, through one of the states I find most interesting. Three instances of anxiety, sorted by age, and a character for each of them.


On one hand, animated, on the other, arranged in a complementary composition, three creatures live their anxiety - drenched destinies. 


On the screen they move as they’ve been told, in frames per second. On the table, they follow other rules: instead of frames - glazed sandstone, and instead of seconds - iron oxide and magnets. Simple physics, an almost school -like experiment. You can touch and play with them, pull them to one side and then attract them to the other. Pick your favourite anxiety and see where it takes you.

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