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The old and the new Bauhaus

Book launch, illustration, installation <2022> / comic book <2020>


Commissioned by the German Embassy of Bucharest


EMA OMA is an interdisciplinary project that aims to entertain and educate. The main object - a comic book on the topic of Bauhaus and Modern Architecture in Bucharest. The connections between the architects of the Modern Movement - locally, and the Bauhaus movement - internationally, unravel through the interaction of the two characters, Ema and Oma.

In the book, the unknown is represented in blurry shapes and crooked lines, and as the main character, Ema discovers the history behind the facades and learns to see through the layers of the city, things become more easy to navigate. 

As the story starts to tackle The Modern Movement, the messy charcoal is slowly replaced by straightforward ink, in the primary shapes, so typical of Bauhaus. 

The book has an AR element - 15 illustrations are augmented with small animations on modernism, by Vână Studio - implemented with the help of One Night Gallery

The book launch and exhibition happened a few years later, at the end of 2022.

It was quite satisfying to also exhibit 50 of the original illustrations along with the book. 

For the occassion, I created a neon light installation - 'Bauhaus Cat', after one of the illustrations in the comic book. 

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