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Turb@ - comic book, Vellant Publishing <2016>

Coal-addicted rabbits, illustrated in charcoal, turning the town of Tg-Jiu upside-down. Coal can be expressive. It has intrinsic material expressivity and beyond that, it knows how to leave traces on paper. Drawing with coal!

A book about coal, illustrated in coal by Ioana Trușcă. 

The rabbits in the book have generated a series of animations and have been the main characters in the One Night Gallery love Ioana Trușcă Exhibition, in October 2018.

Justin Baroncea was the storyteller, TRSC was the illustrator and Radu Manelci mounted the images into a book. 

A comic book about rabbits "getting high" on coal and becoming hysterical. A Japanese mad scientist ends up in Tg. Jiu. Monumental art in the background. Black & white. Coal everywhere. 

A way of selling overpriced coal. Expensive! But not quite!

Courtesy of  ©Romanian Design Week 

Turb@ and some of the original illustrations were part of the Romanian Design Week 2017 exhibition.

And it won the Special Mention prize at 'The most beautiful books of Romania' contest! 

The exhibition also included an interactive piece, in which touch and sound were connected, inspired by a character of another book of mine, SOFICA.

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