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Illustration <2022>

Key Visual for Bucharest International Film Festival, BIDFF 2022


The artistic direction and theme of the festival for the edition was (UN)SAFE ZONES, in response to the general conflicting ecosystem and collective emotional crisis of our times.

discourses have become more acidic, and society divided into pro and con camps, forgetting to coexist

BIDFF brings to viewers powerful films, both features and short films, animation and VR, in which familiar issues are explored with intelligence and courage by artists from all continents.

Photo Ionut Rusu
Photo Ionut Rusu

BIDFF is a very dear project, which I have been taking care of - graphically, for the last five editions. 

“In 2022, we want to see the (un)safe zones not as generators of conflict but as territories open to discussion, through which we aim to restore a necessary balance.”

— Simona Deaconescu, artistic director of BIDFF

Photo Ionut Rusu
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